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About FLY girl

Fly Girl is nothing new. Every dance move has been done. Every song has been sung.
What’s new is you! There is a wealth of knowledge to be learned from studying the pioneers of our past.
Fly Girl dives into the history of dance culture and uses those elements as our foundation.

What is a Fly Girl class like?

Fly Girl uses high energy and fast-paced music from the 80’s, 90’s, (and beyond!) combined with big, powerful dance moves from styles popular during that era, to make a perfect formula for cardio intensive workouts! Fly Girl foundation moves will provide a basic structure on how to improve your dance form and technique with movement that is safe, but fun and effective. Fly Girl is inspired by the hip hop culture of the 90’s, however its principles, foundational structure and choreography transcend time and are still effective today in providing a great dance workout.

​Fly Girl focuses on hip hop dance foundation, grooves, and fundamentals essential to building as a dancer and instructor. Building a strong foundation rooted in authentic and accurate hip hop movement will help you gain some understanding of the culture and its impact on fitness, pop culture, dance communities and the world!

become a FLY Girl instructor in 2 days
and inspire others

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