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 F.L.Y. 4 week ONline course  

WHAT TO EXPECT IN THIS 4 week course

Prerequisite: Completed a FLY U training

For Fly U Graduates that want to master their teaching skills and feel best prepared to instruct a Fly Girl class, this course is essential! 

  • Week 1- warmup, drills, and across-the-floor exercises

  • Week 2- Focus on the five elements of foundational dance aka FLY FOUNDATION

  • Week 3 - Building a class plan, prepping music, live practice

  • Week 4- Performance week! Test your skills in a live online class with your peers



 Let's be real - 2 days is not nearly enough time to master teaching a new class!

Even the most experienced dancers and instructors need help perfecting a new format they've just learned. The FLY Masters Program allows each student more time to absorb material, get hands-on experience, and practice tactical measures to make sure you're ready to teach a successful class. Plus, it's online and can be completed in the convenience of your own home.

Do I need to complete the Fly Masters in order to receive a FLY GIRL teacher certification?

No. Achieving your Fly Masters degree is not necessary to start teaching a class, but it is highly recommended. Fly Masters will be much more readily prepared and prominently featured on the website with Masters Degree star credits. Fly Masters will also receive special training courses not open to the public.

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